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Experts in Holistic, Neurologically-Focused, Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Health Care!

Navigating your family's health challenges is hard. We see you. And we have hope, answers, and help.

What to Expect

Our Clinical Process

First Visit

STEP 1 | Consultation

Once you request an appointment, our team will send you the link to our online paperwork via text or email! At your first visit, the doctor will sit down with you and really listen to your health concerns and dive deep into your case history. Unlike many professionals out there, we won't go over every question you already answered on your paperwork, but really listen and dig deep to find the root causes of your health challenges.

STEP 2 | INSiGHT Scans

After the consult we move right into a neurological assessment. We get to dive deep into the function of the central nervous system with INSiGHT Scans to find, measure, and quantify how much stress is stuck in your central nervous system. We call this stress a subluxation, which causes dysautonomia and affects the tone of the nervous system. These exams provide an objective measurement to help determine how much care is needed and allows us to measure progress throughout the duration of care, to make sure we are right on track! After the scans are completed you will schedule a follow-up appointment to go over your findings and the exact roadmap forward!

Second Visit

STEP 3 | Care Plan

This is the most important piece of the our clinical process. Before your second visit, the doctor will take time to create a customized care plan based on your specific case history findings (mental/emotional stress, toxins, traumas, illnesses etc.), your neurological INSiGHT Scan findings, and your health goals. These let us know exactly what frequency and duration of care you need. No two people are exactly alike and neither are our care plans. 

STEP 4 | Doctors Report

At this visit we sit down with you and go over the results of your INSiGHT Scans and exam findings, give you your personalized care plan, and answer any and all of your questions or concerns. We will also go over financial options at this time. This is the most exciting part because you finally have a clear action plan to get your health and healing back on track!

STEP 5 | Adjustments

Right after you get the plan to move forward, we immediately get started with your chiropractic adjustments! The adjustment is what works to unwind and relieve stress from your nervous system. While most people think of an adjustment as a big twist, push and "crack," our techniques are very gentle and often use an instrument that is very light and specific!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is chiropractic care safe?
    Yes! Chiropractic care has proven to be a very safe and effective form of healthcare. When most people think of chiropractic, they think of a big twist, push, and "crack" (just think of all those instagram and tiktok videos!). However, an adjustment looks very different based on who is being adjusted and the doctor’s technique. In our office, 90% of the time the adjustment is made with a very light touch, an instrument or specialized drop table which allows for a very specific, gentle, and safe adjustment. It feels super relaxing and kids absolutely love it!
  • I thought chiropractic was about fixing back pain. Why does my child need to see a chiropractor?
    We love this question. You’re not wrong, chiropractic certainly does relieve back and neck pain. Yet, chiropractic does so much more. A neurologically focused chiropractic adjustment helps remove stress and calm your nervous system, which helps your body heal, grow, adapt, and thrive. When there is too much stress (mental/emotional, physical, and chemical) stuck on your nervous system, your body goes into protection mode and we tend to see more symptoms pop up in kiddos from behavioral challenges to chronic sickness, colic and constipation in babies, developmental delays, poor sleep, and more.
  • I want to bring my newborn in for an adjustment, but I’m nervous. What does a newborn adjustment look like?
    We get it! It can be scary thinking about your sweet newborn getting a chiropractic adjustment. Thankfully, our newborn adjustments are very light and gentle. In those initial months of care, the amount of pressure used to adjust your newborn is the same amount of pressure you would use to check if an avocado were ripe!
  • What if my child can't sit still for an adjustment?
    No problem! We understand that some kids on their best days have trouble sitting still and following instructions. That's why we created our office to feel comfortable for our little ones. We have a private sensory room with soundproof walls and dimmable lights for those kiddos who are feeling overwhelmed, and we have no problem adjusting them wherever they feel comfortable, even in the backseat of your car!
  • Why should I get adjusted during pregnancy?
    Our expecting moms can't wait for their next adjustment! You may have heard that chiropractic care can reduce discomfort for mom during pregnancy–less low back pain (yes please), less sciatica, less round ligament pain–this is all true! And chiropractic care does so much more. Receiving neurologically-focused chiropractic care during pregnancy optimizes your central nervous system during one of the most intense seasons of change in your body. This is not only great for you (mom), but is also amazing for baby. We like to say that "baby is a hitch-hiker on mom's nervous system" aka, stressed mama = stressed baby and at ease mama = at ease baby. When mama thrives, everyone thrives. Prioritizing mom's nervous system health during the perinatal period not only allows you to thrive but also prime's baby for optimal health outcomes so he/she can thrive too.
  • I'm not a kid or pregnant mom, can I still get care?
    Of Course! Nervous-system based care is for everyone. Stress is inevitable and it affects us all in different ways. Whether you're feeling the effects of life's stress or you're looking to raise your baseline threshold to stress, we can help. Getting your nervous system scanned and evaluated is the first step to having more energy, better sleep, emotional regulation, and a more well-adapted life! As long as you don't mind kids running around, this is the right place for you!

Dear Moms and Dads, 

Welcome – we're so glad you're here. 

We know the road getting here may not have been easy. You may be tired and worn down from trying to find health solutions for your family and hitting countless dead ends. You may have been given news of a life-long diagnosis for your child and are desperately seeking answers. Wherever you are, we see you. And we're so grateful the journey led you here.

The Haven Chiropractic is meant to be just that – a place of refuge, restoration, and healing. We are humbled and honored that you are considering us to partner with you on this leg of your family's healing journey. 

As a dad of two little boys, I know the gift of finding compassionate care providers who treat you as their own and we hope we can be just that for you and your family.

If you have any questions as you check out the site, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Cheering You On,

Dr. Kyle


A Message from Dr. Kyle...

Ready to get your family back to thriving? Let's do this.

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